Valve Corporation. So why not focus on military factories in late 1938, and then use them to add just one company of Medium Armor to every infantry division? Centralization and Discipline15. Novelties aside, the Soviet Union is one of the most entertaining nations to play as in Hearts of Iron IV. Steamrolling ai Germany is easy as the UK, while Ai/Player Soviets can't push. Just research the second Light Armor in 1936, then start researching 1st Medium Armor in 1937 just before signing the treaty, then youll have your 2 MArmor bonuses from the treaty, and the last one, for T54, from the Great Purge tree. And I can't really comment on that anymore since I play with a mod that requires no XP to change Templates. Have 7/2 infantry template with engineers, had air superiority while they broke through too! The rest are pure inf too with 10 and 15w and aa/at. Tanks is 1 or 2 divisions with light tanks. Now, the time has come for you to fight for the Communist China in Hearts of Iron - for . Either way you'll want to gun-upgrade your TDs somewhat, just to have some peace of mind in case they change their templates to be unpiercable. 4. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Yeah, that would be good. In this guide, I will tell you how easy it is to make the achievement "Soviet Onion" without making puppets of, for example, Turkey, Poland,Xinjiang, killing whole freaking Allies or Axis, 7) JUST WIN SECOND RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR LIKE A CHAD (GO TO PRECIOUS CAUCASIAN OIL IN BAKU THROUGH CRIMEA), 10) CONGRATULATIONS! Yeah, Titan, you were right about Altai Republic, i just noticed a tiny border line between Kazakh SSR and Mongolia, i will update guide. I build almost every time to lvl 10 and always a lose! In the meantime, please be sure to check out our guide for the German Reich ( and let me know what you think. Here is the three choices I recommend choosing during the Great Purge: By having an advanced military, this will give you an upper hand over the enemy. Variants: The ratio here can be toyed with quite a bit. This is the main reason I go down the Superior Firepower land doctrine as you get these vital bonuses, which help in your victory against the Axis. Fewer than 7 infantry is not recommended unless you are quite good at micro and will use them very sparsely as "shock units" which can't be pierced and will take key positions. Start a game as the Soviet Union. For one, with the 1937 German tech treaty, you can actually have T54 modern armor researched in late 1941. Your email address will not be published. How do you get so much army exp so early on? Now onto the ones that actually pay off like. The Collectivization Process12. Is it 5-9 divisions out of 24? War Heroes18. So, Im playing a match as Stalin, and I have 5 million deployed men. Secure the Administration11. Unlike many other players who will focus upon Mobile Warfare or the Mass Assault land doctrines, I favour Superior Firepower. I am thinking to swap 2 artillery for 1 anti tank and 1 artillery. You can find part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here. A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO NEURO BASS SEASON3 (PT.1 Simple Bass and Movement), JUNJI ITO - A Comprehensive Guide to the Horror Master's Manga Catalogue, Overview of Third-Party Movements: ETA, Miyota, Seiko & More (A Comprehensive Guide 2021), How to Optimize Lenovo Legion 2021 for Gaming & Productivity [Full Comprehensive Guide], 2020 Yearly Bujo Setup | How To Begin Bullet Journaling a Comprehensive Guide, The Comprehensive Grasscutter (Private Server) Guide, Excel 2007 Tutorial - A Comprehensive Guide to Excel for Anyone - Excel Made Easy. @Garface My man Tommykay, has a stable job, a wife, a great body and a future. I will look to add this information on the guide as soon as possible. I've been leaning away from conversion. Amidst civil war, the mighty Japanese Empire continues to build up her arsenal preparing for expansion on the continent. Otherwise the games bug out and doesn't let you build the civs until the conversion are finished. But that doesn't mean medium tank Soviets isn't viable. Don't shy away getting Concentrated Industry and Construction half a year ahead of time. Also I use 20 width infantry with 40 width tanks. My main inf are 30 width pure inf with log, eng, and rec. Did you build a war factory by the age of 41? Tom, try 9 or 12 companies of infantry with Engineers and Recon as a base for defense division. These rules will help your game run smoother and increase your chances onto securing world domination. Wait with the -100% ahead of time bonus to apply it on the T-34 not the A-32. You have a couple of different infantry templates but they're all not good. Less micro than 1 division per tile and helps prevent encirclement. #hoi4 #heartsofiron4 #ww2 #FreemurIt is a guide that tells you how to repel the German and Russian attack as Poland.Musics:Polish Folk Song - Hej SokolyPolis. Therefore, their manpower will massively deplete, causing divisions to simply disappear due to losing all of their HP. Awesome guide! Check out my France guide under the Division Template section as this should help ( Now you will miss out on having Rokossovsky who is a highest tier advisor like Rommel and you will not get a -50% on one aircraft but it is still absolutely worth it. Sorry bro no offense, but tommykay is a bot at the game and is stuck in 2018. if u wanna know how to actually play the game watch dankus on twitch or join hyperion/homers/emeralds and ask them how to play. I got the part of using 5-9 divisions to train only terrain traits and over 10 to also train panzer. First thing I do when I start the game is retraining all horseman and backup infantry for normal infantry. The independence of Estonia lasted for about 20 years. Uses: As mentioned before, the Allies will find these quite useful for D-day and maybe even some naval invasions in Asia (in the few regions not filled with jungles or mountains). Today in Hearts of Iron IV La Resistance we're showing off my latest MP guide made for La Resistance/Man the Guns specifically designed for competitive multiplayer games of Hearts of Iron IV, as the Soviet Union.As always don't hesitate to comment, and ill get back to you ASAP, oh and do like and subscribe.If you want up to date tips, and advice do feel free to join my discord server, and to take part in my weekly Hearts of Iron 4 MP Games. So whats the best way to go about it? 10. SPG gun, reliability, armor is optional if you have extra XP, TD gun, reliability, armor is useful for making space marines with TDs but can be left off. I think when playing the Soviet Union in Hearts of Iron IV, its best to leave the Great Purge till a little bit later, as it essential to get some technology researched and a strong industry built up. With this little war over in early 1937, youll need no Molotov-Ribbentrop later, and can go down to the second additional research slot as early as 1938. This is a vanilla (1.10.x), multiplayer-oriented guide, but naturally applies to singleplayer as well. You dont need the Navy advisors and the Air advisors arent as good as the Division recovery rate. Easy to Learn: Tracer - A Comprehensive Guide! The Soviet-German Research Pact, Great Purge, and Molotov-Ribberntrop Pact must be followed, as you obtain a higher national unity, research bonuses on medium tanks, and take Eastern Poland after the Germans invade Poland in 1939. State level AA only affects bombers and does some damage to CAS. WORSHIP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! National Anthem of USSRWatch this video on YouTube Support companies should be engineer, AA, arty. Read on, and see how you can faithfully serve General Secretary Stalin. The Path of Marxism/ Leninism2. Free trade and tank designer will help. As previously stated, I highly recommend that you go down the Positive Heroism side of the national focus tree, as you get access to Konstantin Rokossovsky, and lesser research times. Talk to your allies to sell licenses like the medium tank II. I guess just pretend they're marines - again, assuming you went SF, which for any marine-producing country I'd recommend. Once you get past the Great Purge, the Axis should be no bother at all particularly with my military tactic. Make sure you don't lose your piercing if you go too low! If I'm limited to 5 volunteers in Spain, I'll send 5 infantry and grind close to infantry leader then switch 2 of them to tanks and grind for panzer leader. Ah, the Soviet Onion. If Germany cant repel the D-Day, its going to be over anyways because he cant capitulate you. The complaint is mostly that AI Soviet cannot hold AI Germany. A mysterious list, a small Hungarian town, and unimaginable horror. Does not have AA and is too expensive. Use your tanks wisely, never underestimate the Axis and don't take risks needlessly and lose the game. Might be too much just for sp but it's better than not enough info. Here is an example of my day one setup: After you get Concentrated Industry I it should look like this: And after Concentrated Industry II like this: In some games its ok to lend-lease Ethiopia but almost nobody does it nowadays. Dec 30, 2021 @ 4:27pm "In this video I will show you the most broken guide to playing the Soviet Union in the Hearts of Iron IV No Step Back DLC. I will not list every single one, but the ones I feel you should go for first. Anti-Air upgrade on SPAA is 15% per level instead of 5% like gun. Template issues for sure. I will explain what you should do during the Great Purge below. Yet Germanys 9inf and 3 arty or 6/2s somehow push even my tanks and their 5/6 med tanks too. After 1941, youll have to add 3-4 artillery companies (and, preferably, 1 anti-tank company) to these divisions to actually make it to Berlin. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). The unorthodox fallback lines idea seems pretty cool and might be a way to funnel the ai into create pockets by letting them break through at points you want them too, like rocks in a river. maybe CAS/air superiority issues? 3) the Union is probably the most fun country to play, sure. 5) Boosting communism in France and the US as the Soviet Spain or the USSR, and then creating the communist juggernaut faction by 1941. For this 15/5 to 17/3 are technically viable, definitely don't go any lower than 3 though. This is how your main Marshal should at least look like: Here is an example of how a completed mulitlayered defense could look like: When the Axis declares war on you, ask the USA to lend lease you a, Deep Battle lets you fit MANY troops and move them around in the same province while giving decent buffs to reinforcement rate and tanks. 2) Border forts work fine in 1941, yes, but hey, instead of each level 5 fort you can build a military factory somewhere in Siberia, right? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. However, if you build a considerable air force before 1941, focusing more so on fighters and close air support, you should be totally fine. Hey comrade Ulyatt, what a great Soviet strategy works just fine against Axis in 1941! So, what are you waiting for? Revive the Stakhanovite17. Are you saying the game won't start building civs in Moscow and will instead build whatever is below it, then it'll build civs when conversion is done? Finally, logistics should be applied as needed. What do you recommend by the bunkers lvl 5 max with anti air and radar? Humans would definitely have better tanks, more planes, and a larger economy overall as the Axis. For Kaiserreich Id love to see a united Italy, or a successful Mittelafrika. Planes above tanks for the first round of Barb, because if they bomb your logistics and you can't supply your bombarded troops, kapish, you're kaput. Im always looking to add to my HOI4 guides, so Ill be sure to review your feedback and add anything useful to the guide. The war for independence lasted 14 months and ended with the failure of Red Army troops to conquer the Baltic states and the forced withdrawal of Freikorps from Estonia. Hoi4 Soviet Union Guide 2020! Same goes for increasing the SPG:tank ratio. It is only visible to you. Support Companies: If armor matters then limit these as much as possible. You must focus on the construction of civilian factories before military factories to ensure your construction speeds of other buildings are speedy. The only exception would be if a 14/6 kept infantry from piercing you. Soviet Union Guide - Defense in Depth Goal of the Guide Show that late game Germany can be dealt with Repeatable strategy that can be used by anyone in single player Win war and peace, get at least 90% of the spoils Display novel defense in depth with lines of retreat based on perpendicular fallback lines, debate utility for multiplayer As a Russian player, I am very pleased to have such a successful game for the USSR. In fact, I used only 3 at the end of the game. What to Expect Changes and New Meta in No Step Back No Step Back DLC overhauled combat width and other things which permanently changed the current meta. Youll need just 10K MArmor for 200 infantry divisions, and this will give your infantry a massive Armor stat boost, to 30-something. Hoi4: Soviet Union - Not One Step Back Achievement Bitt3rSteel 136K subscribers Join Subscribe 11K Share Save 459K views 1 year ago #NoStepBack #hoi4 #DLC #hoi4 #DLC #NoStepBack Check out. Training 40widths are just for the future heavies, you should not convert volunteers into 40w motorized. The first option is easy. You should prioritize Industry, Electronics and Land/Air Doctrines first, producible Equipment should be second and flat bonuses and improvements third. Thanks for the post. If you just do that, you'll have way more total factories by 1942 (and at least double the number you do now by 1944). By the way, this was generally my first game for the Soviets. Please see the. Prioritize converting mils to civs, convert maybe around 8-16 mils to civs to increase building. And secondly, what division templates are you using? These are meant to be cost-efficient, after all. Then research heavy 2 with bonus. Tried yesterday with bunkers lvl 5 and they breached it in a few months. Armor is useful if you believe your division will not be pierceable with upgrades. The navy and air force have been getting off easier so far (navy and air advisors not very important in comparison to division recovery). So a panzer leader grind will have 14 infantry fighting on the frontlines and 10 "tanks" assigned to a fallback line somewhere else. Yes, this game is just brilliant, offering countess opportunities to create an alternative history. Contributor at KeenGamer, often writing guides and news. I used to play games mainly in Germany, France and Japan. Then you quadrupled down and decided to waste time building nukes. All rights reserved. Alongside artillery, this is where your air force is particularly important. Unfortunately, there is no way to form the "Soviet Union" or "USSR" as Russia in Kaiserreich, but you can form the Russian Socialist Republic. The rest pretty much comes down to your abilities and micro/using hotkeys. If your enemy knows you're doing mediums they may even upgrade armor or do high-tank ratios, which can force you to use heavy tank destroyers. This template is for those who want a template that can keep up with a blitzkrieg through your tank corp. To properly support a blitzkrieg-styled offense, you need troops who can keep up with the rapid pace that it sets, and the abundance of motorized . Use 4-1 or 8-2 cav-LT templates to grind panzer leader (if 10/24 or more divs are tanks, youll grind panzer regardless of what div type does the attacking), Purposefully avoid grinding infantry and panzer (5-9 tank divs) so other traits grind faster, Have 250+ army XP to boost heavy 3s upon research, 100+ army XP to boost HSPAA3 upon research, Run war bonds twice while fighting Finland, start immediately upon declaration, Radek (-75 PP), Tukhachevsky, Navy and Air Force, Infrastructure 20w pure inf support AA, Stalin Bois 20w pure inf support engineers, AA, arty, Swamp 14-3-3 inf-art-AA, support engineers, AA, arty, maintenance, signal, Tanks mot/mech 12-7-2 and 11-8-2 HT-mot/mech-HSPAA, 11-7-1-2-Mod-mech-ModTD-ModSPAA. The Soviet national focus tree can . @Garface KNEEL BEFORE ME! Anything player controled is easy. The Workers' Dictatorship14. The tanks don't fight. douard Daladier and the Radical Party require your immediate to help to protect La Rpublique against the Fascist Menace which Hitler has created in Germany. Still, I like the perpendicular fallback lines. Hearts Of Iron IV: By Blood Alone Review: Planes and More! However mechanized does have a lot of defense, which is useful if you really want these to hold. Finally, tanks. 1.5K Share 89K views 1 year ago HOI4 Country Guides In this video I will show you the most broken guide to playing the Soviet Union in the Hearts of Iron IV No Step Back DLC. Comprehensive guide, HOW TO STYLE SLOUCHY TROUSERS | A Comprehensive Guide, Overview of Third-Party Movements ETA- Miyota- Seiko - More -A Comprehensive Guide 2021, AION 5.0 - Arkhal's hidden space - comprehensive guide, How to build a GMA : Gordon Murrays nerds guide to his , 650bhp hypercar | Top Gear, Getting Started with Color Grading In Davinci Resolve 15 Comprehensive Guide, How To Be Funny - Comprehensive Guide To Developing A Sense of Humor, HOW TO STYLE DIFFERENT JEANS | A Comprehensive Denim Guide, Illustrator's Paintbrush Tool and Brush Panel | A Comprehensive Guide, Nature Tourism in Odisha - A Comprehensive Guide for Tourist & Nature Enthusiast, Czinger 21C: the worlds first 3D printed hypercar | Top Gear, How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming and Productivity! Wdym build al 60% zones? It is worth noting that, against some heavy tanks (especially without armor upgrades) just upgrading your medium tank guns is enough. That way I can lend-lease their guns to Spain and later China to increase army XP. That way one doesn't have to micro the construction queue that much and it would look like this and the start of the game: I think that's what I have pictured, maybe civs in Moscow are a lower priority than infra in Orenburg but they get bumped up when conversions finish. Fix your eco, the rest will be much better. Ive given you the order in which you should pick them for the first couple ones. Valve Corporation. Tukhachevsky refuses to confess, but cannot be allowed to live (if you decide to go down the Collectivist Propaganda root, Id recommend choosing the first option). Building early mils hurts your consumer goods too much to justify and forts and nukes are a total waste imo. Because no matter how many 2w I train the number of volunteers allowed never goes over 7 or 8 divisions. Is there any nations you would like me to do? Get the first mechanized tech to get a flat hardness buff on your motorized. Finally, you need to consider what variants you want to use. MW right may even be worth considering, to make up for your disadvantages against heavy tanks). They are most viable as Germany, simply because they receive 3 tank research bonuses, but still can be used as anyone who gets at least 2 bonuses. You need to send in the tanks whenever you see red bubbles. HSPG will just make you lose to tanks and aren't usually practical. First off is the question of motorized, mechanized, or amtracs. Regardless, that doesn't change the strategy. As no-air Russia, you'll also need some SPAA in the division, 2 will do to defeat most planes. With tanks, start the BT-7 (Light tank II) before you accept the German tank treaty. Electronic Mechanical Engineering (do this part of the tree as you go on, as you get research deduction bonuses), Industry (concentrated industry and construction before anything else), Land Doctrine (superior firepower see next section for more details), Air Doctrine (operational integrity as it minimises your plane loss), Tanks (medium tanks as soon as possible, bonuses come from research treaty with Germany), Artillery (important for my recommended military strategy see next section for more details), Division equipment and different divisions (logistic company useful). Moreover, here is a list of how you should spend your political power, on advisors and laws etc. Build civs until 1939 then build mils. You can only take countries and territories that are affected by the Molotov-Ribbentrop" pact. WWII needs a rework and an expansion on historical. This suggests to me that you built too few civs and started making mils too early. There is a fixed amount of Equipment that you can send to China (usually around 40k guns. Kristy Ironside, "A Full-Value Ruble: The Promise of Prosperity in the Postwar Soviet Union" (Harvard UP, 2021) (Podcast Episode) Parents Guide and Certifications from around the world. Fellow comrade, you have been called to action to take command of the mighty Red Army. I got it by accident because I lost to Germany. Begginers to the game will struggle with capitulating Germany by 1938 but should be able to pick up a lot of advanced techniques from this video. I AM YOUR GOD!!!!!!!! Sorry again for the late reply. 19 mils after conversion, 23 after Armament effort 4 support, 1 AA, 5 arty, 1 mot, 3 LT, 5-9 guns 1 15K guns to Spain, 20K guns to China + grinding divs, 70%+ equipped troops + fully trained 20widths by mid 1941, fully equipped Infra troops, Transition to mils sooner in MP where the Allies boost the Soviets, can go as low as 170 owned mils if you have 50+ exports, 230+ mils by end of 1941, 50+ on tanks, rest finishing infantry equipment 100-120 guns2, 15 arty2, 20 support, 25 AA2. You should wait with that focus until. Drop the SPGs, they're not good against other tanks. 148. r/hoi4. "Beautiful Rose Embroidery for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide". It is only visible to you. Soviet interests on conquering the region began to increase approaching World War II, and its fate would be decided by . The year is 1936 and tensions over China are progressively escalating. Alas, France is on the brink of civil war with the communists quickly growing in strength. This Hearts of Iron IV Soviet guide will help provide you with some essential guidance and tips to help secure world domination under a communist sphere of influence. I'm covering tank templates fourth because they definitely require the most thought of any template. If you're going to be pierced/being pierced/on a budget (SA) more infantry and fewer tanks is better, all the way up to 10/10, which is arguably better on defense and will take far fewer losses. As you can see, though, they have as much hard attack as the pure heavy division for almost half the cost, and similar hardness as well. Awesome post could use some similar guide for other nations! 120 divisions of 20 width infantry with artillery, AA and engineers. Here is a selection of ten games releasing in March 2023 that we think you should be looking out for. Is it a good idea to leave few titles to Axis so I could build my forts behind rivers? Do I need to mass upgrade my railways and build depots too? HTD may be necessary if your heavy tank enemy knows what they're doing. War Economy (as soon as you can as world tension needs to be at a certain level), Konstantin Rokossovsky (do the rest of the military staff after the Great Purge). Also here is what you need to know: Here is an example of how you can start off teching. Not out of the ordinary. Menu. As you can see, even with gun upgrades (I believe) this template does not have a ton of piercing. Winter is a game changer. This is a vanilla (1.10.x), multiplayer-oriented guide, but naturally applies to singleplayer as well. "In this video I will show you the most broken guide to playing the Soviet Union in the Hearts of Iron IV No Step Back DLC. For more information, please see our Just to check are you playing as the Soviet Union? The Centre5. Uses: Medium tanks have a huge speed (if you use upgraded motorized techs - for some reason this image's speed is for the level 1 amtrac tech) and significant cost advantage over heavy tanks. Although, you miss out on 15% national unity, the ability to research technology quicker will give you a significant advantage over your foes. All your divisions need to have at least support AA. Variants: You can reduce the ratio to 12/8 if it gets you armor but that's unlikely to happen. Clicking on the branches leads to the appropriate section. Variants: Medium tanks only have to care about armor if your enemy is using AT, which makes things easier (I guess). Support engineers, signals, AA, maintenance. Amtracs are pretty essential as the Axis for killing the USSR, and for the Allies they're needed for naval invasions (see template 4.2) But primarily defensive nations like the USSR can stick with standard mechanized (and frankly anyone can, you just have to force attack rivers). In theory, they will automatically retreat to more defensible terrain as they are pushed back. Press J to jump to the feed. Like I say, having artillery in your division templates, air superiority and waiting for the Axis manpower to deplete is the key to success whilst using this strategy. My inf strat at the moment is; Main inf - 30w, Fillers - 15w, Fillers have aa and main inf have whatever you'd like. Finally, variants. The Hearts of Iron IV team has kicked things into high gear with a new diary - the first that will look at all of the changes coming to the Soviet Union as part of No Step Back and the free. I have a surplus on trains and massive amount on trucks, and I'm using trucks as a prioritization for supply. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. JetBooking for Elementor | Comprehensive Guide. This is a min-maxing guide as well as a strategy guide for the Soviet Union. The Comprehensive Division Template Guide, Part 4/5: Tank Templates - Intro- Welcome to the fourth installment of my division template guide! But there is one challenge every Soviet Player must go through - a Purge. Repeat across multiple generals until your groups of 14 divisions are sufficient to cover the whole frontline. Japan cant go to war with you, Sweden is usually banned, and raiding convoys in certain vital areas is not allowed on some servers. 3 years ago 0 59:36. Then you worsened the issue by going closed economy so you can't get any trade and your construction speed is slower. HOI4 Soviet Union Guide time. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Keep an eye though, as Im working on some guides for Japan, the German Empire, and nations in the Kaiserreich mod. AT and Field hospital supports are useless and too expensive. Modding guide for the new decisions & missions system in patch 1.5. Division level AA reduces the penalty from air superiority and shoots down CAS that directly attack the division. In MP you can get by with not giving a damn about infantry and making pure 10/0s with no supports, but tank templates really do matter, and can definitely make up for subpar micro. Hoi4 How to WIN As The Soviet Union, Race For Germany Achievement Guide Noto (M+M) 664 subscribers 7.5K views 1 month ago #hoi4 #heartsofiron4 #heartsofironiv Hey guys today I show you. 150 mills and 180 civs. IT'S DONE. AT in general is useless and you're better off using tanks to fight tanks. I can't even contain Germany anymore, not even with forts. Max the infantucture in those zones or build civs in those zones. Socialism in One Country10. 2019-09-04, 6:22 pm. I prefer using artillery, but rockets can be used. Hi, thanks for the comment. (Comprehensive Guide) [2019], Lonestar ElixirConf 2017- Elixir Adoption at Scale: A Comprehensive Guide by Ben Marx. Variants: For the mot/mech question I'd recommend motorized. On May 6, 2021, it was announced that Apple TV+ would produce Amit Bhalla's and Lucas Jansen's TV series Hello Tomorrow!, with Bhalla and Jansen co-writing and producing with Blake Griffin, Ryan Kalil, and Noah Weinstein's Mortal Media, Billy Crudup, and Jonathan Entwistle, with Entwistle set to direct the 10-episode . 8:1 casualties and Germany capitulated in 1944. Supports: Limit support companies on this one. You can find part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here. Changing the templates a little bit. (same as infantry but no reckon but maintenance). As I only did a bit on that, and the only things that experience supply issues are deathstacks of 20 infantry cos they got pushed out of their frontline. Additionally, you should never build level ten land forts, as the AI will not attack them. Most Axis troops in 1941 will have a Piercing stat of around 5-10, and this means your infantrys armor will be absolutely inpenetrable for the Germans. In this case, you want every division you send to be fighting. First off, the tanks: Now the probably most important variant, Fighter II: If you still have air XP left, upgrade your CAS: The Great Purge is National Focus that you have to pick in order to avoid a Civil War. I even racked up the army buffs, my supply is good, and Im using the big guns. 2) Playing a big bad Romania, with dividing Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and turning Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey into puppets. The Zinovyevite Terroist Center9. In addition, it is very important to note that you cannot leave the Great Purge to late, or else it will ignite a civil war, which allows you to bring Leon Trotsky back, which I will try and explain in a future guide. Russia is better with heavy tanks compared to mediums - better access to chromium than tungsten and you get fewer research boni so you might as well choose the branch that has fewer techs. Positive Heroism8. Uses: This template is pretty rough, but what it represents is a division where medium tanks and lspg are combined to make a very cheap infantry-killer division. Of course, the Allies will be a lot harder, so it may be worth making countries in Eastern Europe puppet states to help with the future conflict. how old was kari jobe when she got married, auburn coaching staff basketball, car accident in central islip, ny today,
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